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What is it?

Speed Trap is the Android app designed to warn you about the presence of speed cameras, overtaking checkers and mean speed checkers. It has been designed to work with other navigation software like Google Navigator with a minimal user interface. There is a free version without any ads. It provides vocal and sound advice with range indication and "ceased alert". The import is done via file so you can update the "poi" list at whatever time and you can modify it adding or removing points. It does not need any extra authorization. The search of points is done via angular sectors. You can configure: fixed and mobile speed camera, overtaking checkers, red lights, mean speed checkers and speed boxes. It gives the indication of database items loaded and last update date/time. It works offline. It can turn on your screen only when real needed to save your battery. You can start automatically an app according to your preferences, for example your preferred navigation app. You can load the files via cloud. With the pro version you can use the map editor to add/remove points, no traffic zones, advice with vibration, file concatenation, activation widget from home and lock screen, auto start/stop with bluetooth, integration with Locale/Tasker/AutomateIt/Atooma and vocal assistant as Google Now, interaction directly from your smartwatch and much more! Look at the user manual to have more information.

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Privacy policy

Speed Trap does not record any personal information. In the pro version your mobile devices unique device ID is used by the application for licensing purpose. Speed Trap does not send any kind of information over the network. The Internet permission in the pro version is used only to allow Google Maps to work. Speed Trap uses accurate information about the device position in order to give to the user warnings about the precense of several equipments. You can find here all details about the terms of service.

Optimal functioning, good free version and without any ads --AndroidWorld.it

The plug-in (Auto Speed Trap) is unique because it allows each user to customize alerts and actions to be performed --AndroidStyleHD


When I start the service I receive the message: Database empty. Why?

You have to load a database the first time. Speed Trap does not contain any default speed cameras database.

Is the database for a category erased when I load a new file?

Yes it is. When you load a new file, if the file is valid, the internal database for that category is erased and then reloaded. The last update date is updated.

After the import can I delete the files used?

Yes you can delete them.

How can I delete all the points added via map editor?

You have to do a long-click on the category and then select "Delete". In this way you erase all points.

When a new file is loaded, are the points added via map editor deleted?

No, they aren't. Private points are deleted only when you use the "Delete" menu.

Sometimes the voice of my navigator stops the voice of Speed Trap and viceversa, why?

It's not a bug, but it is due to the Android text-to-speech management. In this case, for better user experience, use the sounds.

The voice volume is low on my phone, can I bump it up?

You can increase the volume of media channel. If it does not work, it can due to your TTS settings. Change the TTS engine and/or your default voice.

Sometimes I receive warnings for points placed in near roads, why?

Speed Trap is not a navigation app, it does not use any kind of map, so it's possible. Tune the angular sector width to have a better detection.

I loaded a CSV file with my Google Drive app, but now I can't load it with Speed Trap, why?

Due to a Drive bug, when you load a CSV file with Google Drive app, the MIME type of the file is changed and it cannot be parsed any more by Speed Trap. Load the files via Google Drive web interface.

I loaded a CSV file with my OneDrive app, but now I can't load it with Speed Trap, why?

OneDrive does not support the MIME text/csv yet, so it is not possible use it to load CSV files with Speed Trap.

When I use the cloud to load my files I cannot select more than one file even if I get the pro version, why?

Starting from Android 4.3, it should be possible to select more than one files from external apps, but some apps are not yet compliant with Google API. Open a bug report for the related app. With Google Drive, instead, there is a limitation in the API and it is not possible to select more than one file.

Sometimes the sound warning is repeated, why?

Speed Trap repeats the sound to let you know the distance from the point. If you set 1000 meters as main distance, Speed Trap will use the sound one time when the point is detected between 1000 and 500 meters, two times when it is detected between 500 and 250 meters and three times when it is detected between 250 and 0 meters. If you set 500 meters as main distance, Speed Trap will use the sound one time when the point is detected between 500 and 250 meters and two times when the point is detected between 250 and 0 meters. The sound is used only one time if the main distance is 250 meters.

I loaded a speed cameras file but in some cases I see the box icon in the map editor, why?

Speed Trap uses the default icon (i.e. the box) when the speed either was not available in the file for that point or it had a wrong format.

I would like to have custom warnings with different information, how can I do?

Use Auto Speed Trap / Automate Speed Trap / Speed Trap for Atooma to build your own warnings.

I'm using Auto Speed Trap and sometimes the variable %stspd is zero, why?

The speed variable is zero when either the detected point has not got a speed due it is nature (for example it is a no traffic zone) or the speed is not available for that point.

I select the option to delete the files after the import but they are not deleted, why?

Due to Android limitation Speed Trap can not delete files on external MicroSD card starting from Android 4.4. Put temporary your files in your internal storage.

Even the lite version is really completed and accurated --TecnoAndroid

App permissions


It's needed to get GPS position.


It's needed to delete files imported and for the export feature.


They're needed for the map editor based on Google Maps.


It's needed to keep CPU running while Speed Trap is in execution. Used only in short intervals.


It's needed to allow Speed Trap to use the vibration.


It's needed to start and stop the service when a bluetooth device is connected/disconnected.

You can "see" speed cameras from your couch to find out if along your preferred road there are speed cameras! Great! --YourLifeUpdated

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With the last version it's possible to load the files from cloud with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive. --AndroidGeek